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Olga Vitek, Northeastern University, MSstats: an R package for statistical analysis of quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomic experiments, NYU Medical School, March 2016.

Jonathan Wagg, Roche Innovation Center Basel, Optimizing delivery of Cancer Vaccines: Short Peptides, NYU Medical School, November 2015.

Gerben Menschaert, University of Ghent, Multi-Omics Integration: Ribosome Profiling Applications, NYU Medical School, June 2015.

Joseph Barry, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Investigating protein turnover using tandem fluorescent protein timers, NYU Medical School, December 2014.

Ron Beavis, University of Manitoba, Nucleotide and Amino Acid Variants in Proteomics: Cause & Effect, NYU Medical School, November 2014.

Samuel Payne, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, The vision and practical applications of Big Data for biomedical scientists, NYU Medical School, November 2014.

David Tabb, Vandebilty University School of Medicine, Boosting Sensitivity for Proteomic Identification, NYU Medical School, May 2014.

Jonathan Wagg, Shire Plc, Introduction to Quantitative Translational Medicine with CNS Examples, NYU Medical School, December 2013.

Brian Searle, Proteome Software, Non-parametric Analysis of MS/MS Proteomics Data, NYU Medical School, October 2013.

Michael Rout, The Rockefeller University, The Hole Picture: the Architecture and Mechanism of the Nuclear Pore Complex, NYU Medical School, June 2012.

Manor Askenazi, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School and Hebrew University, Mass Informatics: from Peaks to Pathways!, NYU Medical School, November 2011.

Jürgen Cox, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Accurate quantification of entire proteomes with MaxQuant, NYU Medical School, January 2011.