Laboratory of Computational Proteomics
Institute for Systems Genetics
NYU Langone Medical Center

Presentations | Teaching | Invited Speakers

D. Fenyö, Utilizing genomics for proteomics data analysis, NYU Medical School, December 2014.

D. Fenyö, Elucidating the Interactome, NYU Medical School, June 2014.

H. Grover, A Framework for Large-scale Proteomic Mining, NYU Medical School, January 2014.

K.V. Ruggles, Z. Tang M. Askenazi, O. Ovsiy, C. Maher, L. Ding, S. Brown, S. Shen, M. Prasad, J. Hoog, S. Li, R.T. Kitchens, C.M. Perou, S.R. Davies, M.J. Ellis, R. Townsend and D. Fenyö, Deciphering Breast Cancer Proteogenomics Using Bioinformatics, ASMS, Minneapolis, MN, June 2013.

M. Askenazi and D. Fenyö, Slice: Scalable Data Sharing for Remote Mass Informatics, ASMS, Minneapolis, MN, June 2013.

K.V. Ruggles, Deciphering Breast Cancer Proteogenomics Using Bioinformatics, NYU Medical School, May 2013.

D. Fenyö, Proteomics Informatics: Identification and Quantitation of Proteins, NYU Medical School, Oct 2012.

Steven Shen, Christopher Maher, Zuojian Tang, Stuart Brown, Meera Prasad, Jeremy Hoog, Shunqiang Li, John Wrobel, Brian Risk, Jainab Khatun, Robert T. Kitchens, Katherine A. Hoadley, Sherri R. Davies, Morgan Giddings, Charles M. Perou, Matthew J. Ellis, R. Reid Townsend and D. Fenyö, RNA-Seq data for individualizing proteomic analysis of breast cancer, ASMS, Vancouver, BC, May 2012.

J. Eriksson and D. Fenyö Validating protein identification results with optimized FDR estimation using p-value scoring, ASMS, May 2012, Vancouver, BC.

D. Fenyö, S. Waldemarson, G. Zhang, A. Wahlander, B. Ueberheide, S. Myung, B. Reed, K. Molloy, J.C. Padovan, J. Eriksson, T.A. Neubert and B.T. Chait, Detection and Correction of Interference in MRM Analysis, ASMS, Salt Lake City, UT, May 2010.